From fitness activities to classroom lessons, we know that many of you are missing your sessions with us. And we’re missing you too!

To help you and your families in this difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re launching #AFoundationFromHome – an initiative which aims to bring our fun and helpful activities to you, whilst you’re staying home and staying safe.

So far, we’ve launched twelve activity worksheets for children, a special challenge worksheet, FFIT videos with our coach Harry and Rachel, as well as football drills with Jordan and Scott, and Football Memories videos to support people living with Dementia. 

Click on the links below to access our #AFoundationFromHome activities!


Activity Worksheets for Children

Worksheet 1download me here! 

Worksheet 2 - download me here!

Worksheet 3 - download me here!

Worksheet 4 - download me here!

Worksheet 5 - download me here!

Worksheet 6 - download me here!

Worksheet 7 - download me here!

Worksheet 8 - download me here!

Worksheet 9 - download me here! 

Worksheet 10 -  download me here!

Worksheet 11 - download me here!

Worksheet 12 - download me here! 

Worksheet 13 - download me here!

Worksheet 14 - download me here!

Worksheet 15 - download me here!

Worksheet 16 - download me here!

Worksheet 17 - download me here!

Design your own football club challenge - download me here! 

These five page worksheets offer youngsters the chance to practice their math, language and health knowledge - all with a fun Rangers FC twist! 

Why not try editing these worksheets on an iPad at home, or print them off for some fun colouring-in? If it helps, you can also email us on rangerscharity@rangers.co.uk and we'll post it out to you as soon as possible!

We’d love to see your completed worksheets, or images of the family enjoying them! If you’d like, you can share these on social media tagging @RFC_Charity and using #AFoundationFromHome.

We'd also like to say a special thank you to our friends at the Manchester United Foundation, who helped to inspire these worksheets.  


Football Fans in Training Home Workouts

Struggling to keep on track of your exercise regime from home?

We know a lot of our Football Fans in Training participants are missing their weekly workout sessions at Ibrox, so our Community Coach, Harry, is bringing them to you! These body weight exercises will help you stay on track.

Part 1 - watch me here!

Part 2 - watch me here! 

Part 3 - watch me here! 

Part 4 - watch me here! 

Part 5 - watch me here! 

Part 6 - watch me here!

Part 7 - watch me here! 

Part 8 - watch me here!

Part 9 - watch me here!

Part 10 - watch me here!

Part 11 - watch me here!

Part 12 - watch me here!

Part 13 - watch me here! 

Part 14 - watch me here! 

Part 15 - watch me here! 

Part 16 - watch me here!

Part 17 - watch me here!

Part 18 - watch me here!

Part 19 - watch me here!

Part 20 - watch me here! 

Part 21 - watch me here! 

Part 22 - watch me here! 

Part 23 - watch me here!

Part 24 - watch me here! 

Part 25 - watch me here!

Part 26 - watch me here!

Part 27 - watch me here!

Part 28 - watch me here!

Part 29 - watch me here!

Part 30 - watch me here!

Part 31 - watch me here!

Part 32 - watch me here!

Part 33 - watch me here!

Part 34 - watch me here!

Part 35 - watch me here!

Part 36 - watch me here!

Part 37 - watch me here!

Part 38 - watch me here!

Part 39 - watch me here!

Part 40 - watch me here!

Part 41 - watch me here!

Part 42 - watch me here!

Don't forget! Share your home workouts using #FFITfromhome and @RFC_Charity with us, and we'll share them with the Rangers Family!



Can you complete these football challenges from home?

Our Senior Community Executive, Jordan, is on hand to test your skills with fun activities which you can try from the safety of your own home.

These videos were initially designed for our Autism Friendly Football and Visually Impaired Football participants - but we thought you might all enjoy giving them a go! We'd like to say a special thank you to Better Breaks Funding for supporting these programmes. 

Don't forget to share your efforts with us on social media! Tag @RFC_Charity and use #RangersCharityChallenge. Good luck and enjoy!

Week 1 - watch me here! 

Week 2 - watch me here! 

Week 3 - watch me here! 

Week 4 - watch me here! 

Week 5 - watch me here!

Week 6 - watch me here! 

Week 7 - watch me here! 

Week 8 - watch me here!

Week 9 - watch me here!

Week 10 - watch me here!

Week 11 - watch me here! 

Week 12 - watch me here! 

Week 13 - watch me here! 

Week 14 - watch me here!

Week 15 - watch me here! 

Week 16 - watch me here!

Week 17 - watch me here! 

Week 18 - watch me here!

Week 19 - watch me here!

Week 20 - watch me here!

Week 21 - watch me here!

Week 22 - watch me here!

Week 23 - watch me here!

Week 24 - watch me here!

Week 25 - watch me here!

Week 26 - watch me here!

Week 27 - watch me here!

Week 28 - watch me here!

Week 29 - watch me here!

Week 30 - watch me here!

Week 31 - watch me here!

Week 32 - watch me here!

Week 33 - watch me here!

Week 34 - watch me here!

Week 35 - watch me here!

Week 36 - watch me here!

Week 37 - watch me here!

Week 38 - watch me here!

Football Memories videos

Football Memories helps to improve the lives of football fans with dementia by using football images and memorabilia from the past to aid recall and memory. We talk about teams and matches from the past and work with images to stimulate memories and conversation.

To support our participants and their carers during this difficult time, we've developed a series of videos which share highlights and statistic from Rangers Lengends gone by. You can watch and share these by the links below.

Week 1 - Ralph Brand 

Week 2 - Davie Wilson 

Week 3 - Willie Henderson 

Week 4 - Derek Johnstone

Week 5 - Davie Cooper 

Week 6 - Willie Johnston

Week 7 - Tommy McLean

Week 8 - Gordon Smith

Week 9 - John Greig

Week 10 - Jim Forrest

Week 11 - Alex Macdonald 

Week 12 - Graeme Souness 

Week 13 - Jim Baxter 

Week 14 - Mark Walters 

Week 15 - Bobby Russell

Week 16 - John MacDonald

Week 17 - Robert Fleck

Week 18 - Sandy Jardine

Week 19 - Ian Ferguson

Week 20 - Andy Goram