Team Talk

'Team Talk' aims to support men’s mental wellbeing and runs every Wednesday night. The programme aims to build resilience, improve social circles, enhance confidence, increase physical activity and help adult men to feel more supported.

The two hour sessions will provide men who experience mild mental health challenges with a secure and friendly space to socialise and talk openly about their thoughts and feelings. Those facing more severe problems are then able to find advice about where best to seek help.

Sitting under the Foundation’s ‘Healthy Lives’ pillar, ‘Team Talk’ will offer a positive and relaxed atmosphere, where people can meet others who may be experiencing similar mental health issues. Specially trained coaches will begin each session with one hour of social and conversational topics, before giving participants the choice of a physical activity or wellbeing discussion hour.

The programme has been made possible thanks to support from Rangers FC’s shirt sponsor, 32Red. Kindred Group’s (of which 32Red is a brand) ‘Tackling the Stigma’ report showed that over 4 million working class men are suffering in silence with their mental health issues in the UK. They are far more likely to suffer mental health problems but simultaneously less likely to both know the symptoms, or go to a doctor to seek advice. But their passion for sport (40% of working class men are football fans of a specific team, compared to 29% of everyone else) shows that harnessing the power of football clubs is vital to providing support.

Team Talk virtual sessions take place every Wednesday night from 6 – 8pm and are available for all adult males. You can take part on any week, but places will be limited so please first register your interest by emailing

There is also a 12 week in-person group starting at Ibrox on Wednesdays soon. More info to follow.