Scott’s Story – Blind and Blue

Scott Cunningham lost his sight in 1993, but it certainly hasn’t stopped him being a champion for various charities over the years including the Rangers Charity Foundation!

Scott has completed challenges for the Foundation and other organisations close to his heart such as Guide Dogs, including walking the West Highland Way.  This season, he decided to take on a ‘Blind and Blue’ running challenge for the Foundation’s Armed Forces Fund.

Scott explained:

“Various members of the British Armed Forces have given me help and support over the years with my charity endeavours so it was the ideal scenario for me to choose the Foundation’s Armed Forces Partnership to support."

“As a Rangers supporter from birth, and having lost my sight in 1993, I regard myself to be very lucky – I’ve not seen my team beat in over 25 years!  

“I took up running with my trusty sighted guide alongside me 18 months ago and I chose to take part in the Manchester Marathon to celebrate 10 years since I was part of the 250,000 members of the Rangers family at the EUEFA Cup Final in Manchester. Being a Bluenose I chose to title my challenge Blind and Blue!”

Months of cold training last winter paid off when Scott completed the race in a time of 4 hours 15 minutes, guided by his good friend, Royal Marine Commando Johnny Smith.  Both Scott and Johnny proudly wore Rangers Charity Foundation colours on the day.

Scott had well and truly got the running bug, and so not content with just one challenge he decided to create a new challenge – the Blind and Blue Treble!

Scott took part in the Hamilton 10k, The Great Scottish Run half marathon and the Strathaven Striders 10k with sighted guide Willie Cowie.

He added, “I could never have undertaken these challenges without the sensational help of my sighted guides, so I am extremely grateful for their time and effort.

“The months of training and the events themselves can be hard work but that’s nothing in comparison to the effort that the brave servicemen and women give for our country."

“I’m a very proud Blind Bluenose and absolutely delighted to support the Rangers Charity Foundation by tackling my Blind and Blue events.  Thanks to everyone at the Rangers Charity Foundation for their support but the big thanks go to every kind member of the Rangers Family for every penny they very kindly donated.”