Diversity Wins

Diversity Wins is a school education programme run in partnership Glasgow City Council as part of its Towards Better Futures initiative and the Rangers Charity Foundation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Rangers player Kirsty Howat holding up a profile cardP6s and 7s across Glasgow learn about discrimination and prejudice, stereotyping and employability. There is a focus on the different skills sets required to do different jobs, aims to promote equality between young people and follows the Government commitment that all Scottish schools are to formally recognise the issues faced by the LGBT+ community, as part of the curriculum.

The programme features interactive workshops and has been delivered to 813 pupils in 27 schools in season 2023/24. After the course, 81% of pupils had gained a good/excellent understanding of what discrimination and prejudice is, how it can look, and the impact it can have on people. Through activities, the young people also looked at ways they can help stop discrimination.

Teacher feedback included:

“It allowed lots of opportunity for discussion and pupil led learning. The active session at the end allowed children to use team work and use positive language.”

Workshops have been designed to break down barriers between young people from different backgrounds, promote anti-bullying, help prepare children for different employment pathways and motivate pupils to share the messages they have learned with families and friends.

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