Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity

We have enjoyed a special relationship with Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity since the Foundation was established in 2002.

We have donated cash, toys and equipment, supported Christmas activities and organised special visits and treats for the children.

The Rangers players take time out in December to visit the Royal Hospital For Children every year and staff, volunteers and Academy players help to hang the decorations in the hospital in the run up to the festive season.

The Foundation has donated £10,000 to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity this season, which funded Christmas trees and decorations around the hospital and a special MRI compatible Relax and View DVD system.

An MRI can be a very daunting for a young child, with many loud and unpredictable sounds.  The experience can cause claustrophobia, stress and boredom as the patient is required to lie perfectly still inside the MRI machine for a long period of time, which is very difficult for young children.

Many children need a general anaesthetic to ensure they remain still for the scan, which can mean a stay of up to 3 days in hospital. However, the Relax and Renew DVD Player can help avoid a general anaesthetic by keeping them calm, less fidgety and engaged.

In the past, the Foundation has paid for Christmas activities and decorations on the wards, a specialist piece of equipment for the treatment of jaundiced babies, film screenings throughout the month of December in the hospital’s MediCinema, specialised car seats for children with hip casts, a Safe Space bed for children with learning disabilities and more.

Over 173,000 children are treated at Scotland’s largest children’s hospital each year. We are proud to support Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity in ensuring that each baby, child, young person and their family receives the best possible care and experience they deserve.

Find out more about Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity here.




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