ENABLE Scotland

Kids at ENABLE’s Kilpatrick PALS and Rascals after school projects for children with learning disabilities now enjoy playing outdoors thanks to a £30,000 donation from the Rangers Charity Foundation.

The outdoor play areas at PALS in Old Kilpatrick and at the Rascals after school project in Cumbernauld received a make-over thanks to the funding, including laying a soft surfacing in the main garden areas to provide a safe environment.

A raised garden was created to allow the kids who use a wheelchair to get close to the garden for planting shrubs and flowers and is proving to be a big hit with the children who love getting their hands dirty.

The main swing, which is adapted so that wheelchair users can enjoy it, is one of the favourite additions and there is a special basket attachment which allows two kids on the swing at the same time for maximum fun!

Six permanent outdoor wall mounted black boards provide an opportunity for the children to get creative and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air at the same time.

ENABLE responded to the concerns of parents by creating a special cycle area that also replicates a road crossing, roundabout and other common road features to help the children gain road safety skills.

The Foundation also funded a series of ‘Inspire Me’ workshops for young people with learning disabilities aiming at increasing confidence, skills and experience to help them find employment.

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