Andrew’s 500 Mile Challenge

Wed 15th May 2024

Andrew Williams has set himself the ultimate challenge of running 500 miles from Aberdeen to London in just 15 days to raise funds for three charities very close to his heart.

The 39-year-old took on a 405-mile charity run from Swansea to Ibrox Stadium a few years ago, and decided to go one better and complete the magic 500 miles in aid of the Rangers Charity Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Society and 4Louis, a charity which supports families following the loss of a child.

“After doing the 400-mile run to Ibrox 2 years ago, a lot of friends would often sing the Proclaimers song ‘I would walk 500 miles,” laughed Andrew, “So under their pressure I really had no choice but to attempt this!

three girls and their dad at Ibrox

“All three charities mean a lot to me,” he added, “My family are all Rangers mad supporters. My 3 daughters Jayden, Lolah and Willow (aged 17, 9 and 6) have told me no more stupid runs after this, but they know the money raised is going to amazing causes and seeing them at the finish will make all the pain worth it.

“The work the Foundation does is tremendous and 4Louis really helped my sister and brother-in-law when they sadly lost their baby boy Sonny.”

“My Grandfather had Alzheimer’s and passed away 10 years ago, so that is why I selected the Alzheimer’s Society too. He was a Welsh Guard based in London, hence the fact that I am finishing my run at Buckingham Palace in his honour.”

Andrew has worked out a route which will cover the 500 miles in just 15 days, with some days seeing him run up to 40 miles. He hopes to get support along the way from any Rangers fans who might be close to his route and plans to wear a Union Jack Suit on the last day to arrive at Buckingham Palace!man at Ibrox

Andrew is completing the arduous challenge alone, which will make it very tough both physically and mentally.

“Doing this completely alone with no support makes the stops even more challenging as I have no choice but to get there!” he explained.

“I am looking forward to seeing the different places I will pass through and talking to the people I meet.”

“The first 5 to 6 days will be in Scotland, so I will see the countryside and fantastic views. But I will really miss my children. It’s hard to pass so much time whilst running, you do a lot of thinking and there will be a fair amount of physical pain!”

Andrew will depart from Balmoral this Saturday, and aims to complete the run on 1st June, finishing at Buckingham Palace in London. You can sponsor Andrew as he takes on this massive challenge HERE or take a look at the stops on his route HERE.

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