Academy and Foundation Team Up for Anti-Sectarian Workshops

Wed 19th February 2020

School children in Glasgow benefitted from anti-sectarianism awareness workshops with the Rangers Charity Foundation, thanks to Rangers Football Club’s Development Squad.

The team’s participation in the UEFA Youth League has enabled them to receive 500 euros from the competition for use on a community project, which has been matched by Rangers Football Club.

With this funding, the Foundation has been able to expand its delivery of anti-sectarianism awareness workshops to an additional 300 students across both denominational and non-denominational primary schools in Glasgow. Workshops run for two hours and include an interactive class focusing on tackling anti-sectarianism, as well as providing children with the opportunity to enjoy a fun football session.

The programme aims to: break down barriers between young people from different backgrounds, celebrate diversity and promote equality, motivate the young people to take the messages learned home and pass them on to others, and promote anti-bullying and tolerance in relation to topics that can often be misunderstood.

To celebrate and find out more about the initiative, the Rangers Development Squad visited St Blane’s Primary School, where they were able to enjoy a Q&A session with the children and take part in workshop sessions. 

Academy player Chris McKee commented:

“It’s been good to get to the school and interact with all the kids, and just mix in with them a bit. They’ve been asking us some questions and getting an insight into what it is we do every day.”

Rangers Football Club and Charity Foundation are proud to deliver diversity and inclusion work under the umbrella of a ground-breaking campaign, ‘Everyone Anyone’, which was launched in 2019 and aims to unite people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities.

The club and Foundation value their relationships with the country’s local and wider communities and wish to create a positive environment, ensuring Rangers truly is for everyone, anyone, everywhere, anywhere.

Keiran Reilly, Rangers Charity Foundation Community Executive, commented:

“The programme is based on the kids taking part in fun football activities and a sectarianism workshop. The kids will learn a bit about sectarianism and what is means and this will empower them and give them the knowledge to enable them to make better, informed decisions and take that message back home and share it with their parents.”

Find our more about the Foundation’s work in the area of diversity and inclusion here, and read about the Club’s Everyone Anyone campaign here

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