Active Fans returns with new course

Mon 1st April 2019

Active Fans is returning to the Rangers Charity Foundation, with a new course starting from Thursday 11th April. 

The 13 week project uses football as a tool to reach men and women from 35 years and older who would like to get physically active again, make lifestyle changes and improve their diets. 

Based at Ibrox, the sessions will run every Thursday from 5 – 7pm with the first hour focussing on diet education and the second on physical activity.

Participants must be aged between 35-65 and have any two of the following:

•           BMI 27 AND OVER

•           Belly size 100cm and over

•           Trouser size 37 inches and over

Participants who have previously taken part in FFIT are allowed to take part but anyone who has already completed Active Fans will not be able to take part.

Colin Fisher, age 46, lost over 18lbs during his Active Fans course. He said: “Where better to run than round than the pitch at Ibrox? It is always a high running out the tunnel, also the support and encouragement you get from John and Harry, as well as the other participants, you build up quite a camaraderie. 

“I have more energy and I am more aware of what I am eating and the effect it has on me.  Also, being able to walk to the top of the club deck without stopping, has been great, I get to the top and I am no longer gasping for air, something I haven’t been able to do for a few years.”

To find out more, or sign-up, contact the Rangers Charity Foundation team on 0141 580 8775 or email




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