Early Success for Housing First

Wed 7th November 2018

We’re delighted to provide an update from our partner Glasgow City Mission on the progress of the Housing First project we supported last season via our Big Ibrox Sleep Outs. Early signs are very positive that the project can help to break the destructive cycle of homelessness for some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach rough sleepers.

Housing First is turning traditional solutions to homeless accommodation on their head by cutting out much of the red tape that surrounds housing issues for the homeless.  Glasgow City Mission is purchasing 10 flats across the city and will use them to house some of the most vulnerable and hardest to reach.   

The charity purchased the first flat for the scheme earlier in 2018 and it was refurbed and furnished using funds donated by the Foundation. 

The tenant identified for the flat moved in at end of March and is doing very well – this is now the longest period he’s ever stayed in any one accommodation setting and is testament to the project aims and support. His keyworker has commented that he is very ‘house-proud’ and has been keeping it very clean and tidy!  The tenant has also been engaging well with different services and is getting lots of help for his ill-health, which is a really positive sign. 

The second Housing First flat was purchased at the beginning of July and has been re-fitted/refurbished. It needed new flooring, new electrics, painting and decorating plus furniture and other furnishings. 

The client identified for the property has been very excited about the process of decorating the flat, and has been very involved in choosing paint colours and has worked closely with the team at Homes for Good.  The fact that her own tenancy is on the horizon has encouraged the client to take more care of herself and she has cut down on her drinking as a result.

An offer has been accepted on a third flat, which has been earmarked for an older couple that the Glasgow City Mission team has been working with for a while now. Although their lives can be chaotic at times, they seem to be a good support for one another. 

An offer has also been accepted on a fourth flat for an individual who has been homeless and is currently getting clean from addictions in rehab.

Glasgow City Mission are also identifying more flats that can be used for the scheme, and moving to secure their purchase.

Grant Campbell, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Mission commented: “Housing First has been proven to succeed wherever it has been delivered. While at the early stages of seeing the project flourish in Glasgow, Housing First is giving real hope and stability to some of the most vulnerable people in our city.”



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