Extra Time for Family Time: Foundation and SFA After School Care Programme

Wed 26th June 2024

Dozens of parents and children are benefitting from free after school childcare thanks to the Rangers Charity Foundation’s deliver of the Scottish FA (SFA) Extra Time programme.

As part of the ongoing partnership between the SFA and the Scottish Government, the Extra Time programme aims to provide after school and holiday activity clubs for primary school aged children.

The Foundation launched Extra Time in late 2023 and now delivers the programme for three different schools in the Govan area of Glasgow: Ibrox Primary, Pirie Park Primary School and Riverside Primary School.

Frank Cairns is just one parent that is benefiting from the Scottish FA Extra Time programme.

His two sons attend Ibrox Primary School and previously had after school care in place which unfortunately closed. Both Frank and his wife are in work and the demands of employment as well as having no after school care became an issue.

Frank said:

“I was trying to fight the closure as much as I could. It was aftercare in the Govan area, and it covered a wide variety of schools, but it was all down to funding.”

“Both myself and my wife work and we sometimes don’t have that flexibility to be picking the kids up from school and then going home. From that aspect when the previous aftercare arrangement closed down it was really disheartening for us.”

Having no after school care quickly turned into an issue for both Frank and his wife. He added:

“We were having to come home early and finish the rest of our work and then having two kids to entertain afterwards so it really starts to take its toll quite quickly when you don’t have aftercare as an option.”

“With my job as well, I can be on the phone to clients and things and you’re having to stop work to give the kids into trouble or you’re discussing business with customers, and you’ve got them running about making noise in the background.”

“So, when we found out that Rangers Charity Foundation were offering the Scottish FA Extra Time programme at the Ibrox Community Complex we thought that it would be great for us.”

At Extra Time, school pupils have access to food and drink as well as the option to participate in arts and crafts or physical activity. With the programme being delivered at the Ibrox Community Complex, pupils are able to make use of the new 3G football pitch outside as well.

Frank added:

“Aside from us as parents, it’s been really good for the kids as well. They’re getting a run about, a healthy snack and help with their homework too. The biggest benefit I’ve seen is with my youngest, Grayson. We used to go through tantrums every night with homework but with the staff at the Foundation helping him with his homework we’ve had absolutely no problem at all. It’s like night and day.”

“My kids love it. They have a ball when they’re there and they get taught a wee bit of teamwork and togetherness. Knowing that my kids enjoy the sessions but are learning life skills at the same time is huge.”

When asked about the difference Extra Time has made Frank said:

“The key thing for me having is that free childcare. I think what a lot of parents find is that when you’re working it’s really difficult to keep the kids active and occupied.”

“It’s been majorly important for both myself and my wife. It also means that I’m not bringing my work home with me and can enjoy family time once I’ve picked them up.”

Frank’s five-year-old son Grayson also spoke about what he enjoys about the programme. He added:

“I like coming here because we get to go out on the pitch and play which is fun because we get to run around. I get to eat loads of healthy snacks too.”

“I play football a lot when I’m here and it’s the thing I enjoy the most. I get lots of help with my homework as well.”

The initiative has its own parent support group which is supported by our in-house trauma counsellor.

In addition to offering increased accessibility to organised children’s activity for targeted families, the programme provides wider impacts to families and communities by allowing parents and carers to sustain and/or increase their working hours, improve employment circumstances, take up training or studying, and facilitate respite opportunities.

For more information on the Scottish FA Extra Time programme, including a full list of clubs involved, visit:

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