Football Memories Group Visits Rangers Museum

Tue 19th December 2023

The Foundation was delighted to welcome along its Football Memories group to the Rangers Museum for the final group session of the year.

Attendees of the group were hosted by Rangers legend Willie Henderson as they walked through the museum. The group were also able to pick their all-time Rangers XI as well as design their own Rangers strip.

Following their trip through the museum the group were welcomed into the New Edmiston House event space where they had tea, coffee and some biscuits.

Our Football Memories project helps to improve the lives of football fans with dementia by using football images and memorabilia from the past to aid recall and memory.  We talk about teams and matches from the past and work with images to stimulate memories and conversation.

Recollection of great games, players and occasions can be spectacular, and some fantastic stories emerge from the group sessions.  We have invited many former players along to our sessions, which has been extremely popular, and participants can enjoy a ‘half-time’ snack.

Marjory Young, attends the group with Ian. Speaking after the sessions she said:

“I’m actually a nurse and I’m here with Ian today. I’ve been coming to the Football Memories group since about 2015 with different residents from the nursing home I worked in at the time. I then met Ian and I’ve been supporting him for a couple of years now. He used to make his own way here but then I offered to bring him and take him back and that makes him feel better.”

“I love the group because you get so much out of just seeing other people and sometimes it’s just the simplest wee thing from a programme or an advert and then that can ignite a bit of conversation around a particular thing.”

“Even sometimes in the car on the way home he’ll be totally buzzing about what we talked about at the group that day and that can make all the difference. Groups and meetings like this for people that suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia are absolutely crucial and that can make a real difference for them.”

Jacqui MacDonald also attends the group with her dad, and she said that coming along can make a massive difference.

She said: “I come here with my dad, Charlie and he is a massive Rangers fan and always has been. My dad has Alzheimer’s, and it was actually Alzheimer’s Scotland that told us about the Football Memories group at Ibrox so we started coming along and he absolutely loves it. It really helps bring back a lot of memories for him and pictures and things are really great because it’s something that I can share with him as well.”

“It’s really good for us because my dad can remember lots of things but sometimes he can’t communicate as well as he used to. I find that when I go into the house he can associate that with coming here and Rangers and he’s happy when sees me so it’s a real bonding thing for him and I.”

“It’s vital that people suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia have somewhere to go where they can have a great time because although they maybe can’t remember much in the short term, they can remember the old players and the great moments and that can put a big smile on their face.”

If you or someone you know are interested in coming along to the Football Memories group, please contact the Foundation on 0141 580 8775 or email

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