Fun Football Videos For Under 5’s

Tue 22nd February 2022

In partnership with Tiny Happy People, the Foundation and the club have made two fun videos that help develop both physical and communication skills in pre-school children.

You can see the videos below, or check out the Tiny Happy People website at so you can replicate the games at home to help your child grow in confidence!

The ‘Iceberg Game’ and the ‘Traffic Lights Game’ are both great opportunities for children to use their imagination while getting active and having fun.



Speech and language therapists have helped create the videos, as well as Rangers Soccer Schools coaches. Both games help with children’s listening and communication skills, as well as their motor skills.

The videos are part of the Rangers Charity Foundation’s wider work with BBC Tiny Happy people, helping pre-school children across the country develop their language skills.

The project, which is backed by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, supports parents and carers in ensuring their children have the skills they need to settle well at school, such as being able to ask teachers simple questions, understand instructions and chat to their friends.

Sadly, across the UK around 1 in 4 children starting primary school having problems with language and communication.  This figure rises to more than 1 in 3 (42%) in some areas.

The BBC’s Tiny Happy People website has a wealth of free content and resources for parents and carers to help develop their little ones’ communication skills. There’s a huge selection of short, fun activities to do with little ones to help them get chatting.  The tips and advice section has lots of key information from health and early years experts on a whole range of subjects.

The Rangers Charity Foundation helps get these messages out to parents and carers everywhere by sharing content, fun games and inspiring activities to help parents develop their child’s language skills.

You can also visit the Tiny Happy People website HERE.      


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