Heart-Felt Thanks for Tickets For Good

Tue 14th February 2017

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we made a recent donation of Tickets For Good to a range of local worthwhile causes and havereceived some heart-felt feedback on the difference the gesture of a match ticket has meant to people in need.

Alan Ross from the EK Hangout Club, which is a group for young people with learning difficulties, brought some young people along to a recent match at Ibrox and was extremely grateful to the fans for their kindness:

“The boys who came with me on Saturday loved it and most of all loved being out together.  The seats were amazing – and the atmosphere and banter around them. A personal thank you from myself for thinking of us.  

“I think the supporters who generate these tickets as a charitable gesture should be commended for their generosity.  Please extend our gratitude to them on behalf of the EK HANGOUT Club.”

One of our community partners, the Simon Community Scotland, was also a beneficiary, with Iain Wilson from the charity taking some service users along to a game and seeing the boost a day out gave them.

“Four of our guys made it along and they had a great day.  Three of them hadn’t been to Ibrox for years and enjoyed revisiting an old stomping ground, the other one had never been, so was like the proverbial kid in a sweety shop! 

“It’s amazing how much the small token of a football ticket can visibly lift someone’s mood.  This can never be undervalued.”  

“I personally have been impressed with how Rangers have got involved recently with raising the profile of our night stop service and on meeting Kenny Miller too. Our service users have been going on about meeting him now for weeks!”

Grieg from the Simon Community’s Castlemilk men’s service added, “It was good to get out with the other boys, really good, I feel like I’m getting there again, like getting my life back together.” 

Aberlour Sycamore Service, which provides alternative care arrangements for children who cannot live at home with their family, also received tickets.  Craig Cowan of the charity expressed his thanks to the fans who made the donation possible:

“Thanks once again for Saturday’s tickets, everyone had a fantastic day out and I’m truly grateful to yourself, the Club and the kind supporters.”

One of the kids who came with him, 13 year old Johnny, added: ‘That was my first time and Ibrox and the place is so big and really noisy. I liked the seats we had and being near the drums.’

Ian Hopkins of Community Veterans Support was also full of praise for the fans who bought Tickets For Good:

“Our guys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the day and asked me to pass on their thanks for the kind contribution from the Rangers Charity Foundation, and of course the fans who made it possible.”

If you are interested in supporting our Tickets For Good scheme, click here for more details.  Tickets For Good cost just £10, with the money supporting the work of the Foundation in the local community and helping vulnerable children around the world via our partnership with Unicef.  The match ticket is donated to a local community group or charity for the benefit of a service user, volunteer or carer, allowing them to take in the special atmosphere at Ibrox and enjoy a home league fixture. 

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