Lord Dunlop Impressed with Veterans Initiative

Tue 2nd August 2016

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Lord Andrew Dunlop visited our Glasgow Veterans United course at Ibrox Stadium recently and was impressed by the programme and the courage of those taking part.

The course aims to improve the wellbeing and lifestyle choices of veterans struggling with mental health issues, addictions or social isolation and helps them address the negative attitudes that are affecting their lives and relationships with family and friends.

Lord Dunlop commented, “I think it is great to see an initiative set up to provide help and support to those servicemen to cope with life outside the armed forces. 

“Some of the stories I heard here at Ibrox were truly inspirational. 

“I think there’s a lot that can be learnt from that programme and hopefully it’s something that can be extended across Scotland.”

The Foundation works in partnership with Glasgow Helping Heroes, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Glasgow City Council to operate the 16-week course at the Rangers Study Support Centre.

Participants discover how their actions impact not only on themselves but also their families and friends. The programme covers subjects such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, diet and other lifestyle choices, as well as encouraging participants to get fitter and gain an SFA Level 1 coaching qualification.

Gerry Murphy’s ‘The Power Of Example’ workshops are an important part of the course, helping participants address issues in areas such as responsibility, emotion, control, acceptance and relationships.

At the end of the programme, various training, employment and volunteering agencies help the veterans capitalise on the skills, knowledge and insight they have gained during the course.

Glasgow Veterans United added: “The course gives veterans the time, space and support they need to examine their lifestyle choices, change attitudes and learn valuable skills for the future.”

Jordan Boyd, Rangers Charity Foundation Community Executive commented, “This is now the third Veterans course we have run and to see the positive impact it has made in the lives of the participants is absolutely staggering.”

Thanks to our partners on this project who are: Glasgow City Council, NHS, SSAFA, Legion Scotland, Network, Rail, Fare4Free, Soldiers off the Street, Just Like Us.


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