Missing Type to Boost Blood Donations

Tue 16th August 2016

Image of Rangers FC logo on front of main stand

The Foundation and Club are supporting the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service’s ‘Missing Type’ campaign highlighting the importance of giving blood and knowing your blood group.  

We’ve been removing the letters A,B and O from social media posts and signage to highlight the importance of the four main blood groups – A, O, B and AB – and the campaign has succeeded in getting Scotland talking about blood types and donating blood.

Dr Moira Carter, Associate Director of Donor Services, SNBTS says: “Missing Type is a global campaign designed to highlight the need for new blood donors and promote awareness of your blood group.  In total there are eight different blood groups of which SNBTS aims to maintain a 5 to 7 day supply at all times.  We are asking the people of Scotland to register as a blood donor, donate and support us by being blood group aware.”

New research recently revealed that many current donors are uncertain on their own blood type.   Not every donor can help every patient and sometimes SNBTS may need particular blood types more than others. By knowing your type, you may be able to help at a time when patients in Scotland need you most. 

Blood stock levels can change from day to day, for example, in recent weeks SNBTS have asked donors with the blood groups O negative and O positive to make an extra special effort to donate.

For further information on the campaign, blood types and donating blood, visit the SNBTS website,  You can also register as a blood donor by calling 0345 90 90 999.


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