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Thu 5th April 2018

Football Fans in Training is a project which really shows the power football has to change lives.   As part of More Than Football Action Week, we’re celebrating our work in the community, including programmes such as Football Fans in Training, which can make a huge difference to the lives of participants.

Football Fans in Training helps fans struggling with weight and fitness issues to get their health and wellbeing back on track.  Supported by the SPFL Trust and the Scottish government, the course uses the expertise of Rangers coaches to help participants get fit and learn about lifestyle issues such as weight management, diet and healthy eating, alcohol awareness and motivation.

Here’s just a few Football Fans in Training statistics, quotes and case studies that show the power of football to change lives! –

Craig Denham –

Craig has lost an amazing 6 stone since signing up for the course.

“The 12 weeks really got me motivated and as you can see I have kept it going.  I’ve lost just over 6 stone now – 38.7kg or 85 pounds.” 

 “I now run a 10K 3 – 5 days per week to keep it off and eat healthy during the week but “cheat” or “treat” myself big time on match days.”

Our Most Recent Courses – 

  • John Coleman was able to stop medication for his diabetes thanks to the change in his lifestyle.  
  • Allan Jack, Colin Dykes, Derek Russell and Iain Jamieson all lost double figures – a total of 47 kilos between them!
  • This recent women’s course was our most successful ever, with every participant losing either weight or inches.  Claire Lamb, Karen Pender, Janet Purvis and Jaclyn Waite lost an incredible 27.8 kilos between them.
  • Of the 49 participants across the groups, a total of 269.6 kilos were lost (42 stone 6lbs) and 323.5cm disappeared from waist lines.  

Gary Young –

Gary Young was 18 stone and struggling with diabetes when he joining Rangers Football Fans in Training programme.  Thanks to expert coaching and advice on diet and exercise, Gary went on to lose an amazing 5 stone and reversed his diabetes, much to the surprise of his doctor!

“At the beginning it was tough but the more I got into it the more I started to enjoy it.  It became my new thing, exercising, keeping fit and looking after myself.”

“Just 4 weeks ago I went and got some further blood tests done and my diabetes seems to have reversed itself.” 

Brian Hendry –

“I enjoyed the course 110% and the advice encouragement and professionalism of John and Willie was appreciated by myself and I know the other lads. So thanks for the opportunity for taking part in the course.”

You can find out more about Football Fans in Training here.

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