Movies for Children’s Hospital thanks to Partnership

Fri 20th September 2019

Patients at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow will be able to enjoy movies throughout the month of December this year thanks to the support of the Rangers Charity Foundation.

For season 2019/20, the Foundation is aiming to raise £10,000 for its long standing partner, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, which will fund the ‘MediCinema’ in the build up to Christmas. The Rangers Charity Foundation will also continue its tradition of funding Christmas activities and decorations, to help bring some magic to the wards.

The 47 seated MediCinema at the Hospital is the only one of its kind in Scotland and allows families the chance to spend precious time together enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures – the excitement of going to the cinema. 

The space even accommodates hospital beds so that no child misses out.  Young patients and their families can enjoy the latest cinema releases, and forget about the worry of their hospital stay through the magic of the movies.  The MediCinema helps reduce boredom and isolation for children in Hospital and can greatly improve wellbeing. 

As well as funding movies over the festive period, the donation will also pay for Christmas decorations, which staff, volunteers and players from the Club and Foundation will hang when they visit the hospital.  The entire first team squad will also enjoy their annual Christmas visit to the wards in December to meet staff, patients and their families.

Over 173,000 children are treated at Scotland’s largest children’s hospital each year. The Rangers Charity Foundation is proud to support Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity in ensuring that each baby, child, young person and their family receives the best possible care and experience they deserve.

Kirsten Sinclair, GCHC’s Chief Operating Officer said: “We’d like to share our heartfelt thanks with everyone at the Rangers Charity Foundation and Rangers Football Club for their continued support. Being in hospital can be a very worrying time for young patients and their families, but thanks to this generous support, we can help to make their time in hospital a little easier. We are delighted to have such generous support for our MediCinema, as our special cinema screenings are a wonderful distraction to relax young patients during their hospital stay.

“Our Christmas visits and decorating days with the Foundation are always a highlight in our hospital event calendar. We’re already looking forward to this year’s festivities and would like to thank everyone who helps to make these visits extra special for our young patients at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children.”

Lillia’s Story

2 year old Lillia was admitted to Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children with a suspected abscess on her face. She needed surgery twice and felt unsettled at times but thanks to the support of the charity’s Play Programme, Lillia was able to create extra special memories while in hospital.

Lillia’s Mum Victoria explained: “The charity really did come to the rescue for us and the fully kitted out play rooms on the wards were our saviour.

“The MediCinema was also an amazing experience – we watched Dumbo during our first stay and Peppa Pig during the second. It was lovely to see all the children take their tickets up and experience the normality of going to the cinema.

“These facilities offer an escape from treatment and allow children to take part in exciting activities that distract them.


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