MSP Backing For Rangers Charity Foundation

Thu 31st August 2017

The Rangers Charity Foundation has been praised by Members of the Scottish Parliament for the work it has carried out over the past year.

Glasgow Conservative MSP, Adam Tomkins (pictured above) put down a motion in Parliament congratulating the Foundation, including recognising that we deliver over 20 programmes in the Glasgow area connected with health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and education and employability, which together reach more than 5,000 people.

The motion has since been supported by over a dozen of Mr Tomkins fellow MSPs including Murdo Fraser, the former Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party in the Scottish Parliament and Glasgow Anniesland SNP MSP Bill Kidd.

Mr Tomkins put down the motion after receiving a copy of the Foundation’s 2016/17 annual review, which was sent to all MSPs.

The motion further adds that the Scottish Parliament welcomes the Foundation’s work with its charity partners and commends our financial donations totalling £131,400 to these organisations as well as our contribution of £5,000 to the Govan Ward Community Budgeting Initiative and our donation of £243,287 worth of in-kind support to over 2,800 charities and individuals in 2016/17.

Explaining his reasoning for putting down the motion, Mr Tomkins said: “Many football clubs do good work in their communities, but Rangers excels. 

“The publication of this report shows that the club is committed to helping charities and individuals right across our city, both through donations and by developing good community relations, running schemes to improve health or improving employment prospects through training schemes.

“I wish the Foundation well in the coming year as they develop their work.”

Rangers Charity Foundation Director Connal Cochrane added: “I would like to thank Adam Tomkins MSP for lodging this motion and I express my appreciation to those MSPs who have supported it.

“The Foundation is proud of the work that we do in our local community and beyond. We exist to be a force for good on behalf of the Rangers Family, showing compassion to those in need, tackling inequalities and creating opportunities for people of all ages to change their lives for the better.”

A full copy of the Rangers Charity Foundation annual review can be downloaded by clicking here.

Motions are a way for MSPs to draw attention to the good work being carried out by organisations in their constituencies. The full wording of the motion lodged by Adam Tomkins MSP, as well as an updated list of those who support it, can be found on the Scottish Parliament website.


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