Overnight Welcome Centre Report

Mon 27th June 2022

Our partner Glasgow City Mission has provided a report on the difference our support of the Overnight Welcome Centre made last winter and the real impact our supporters achieved by supporting our Big Ibrox Sleep Outs!

The new 24-hour service allowed the City Mission team to build trust with guests and allowed staff to invest significant time in determining the most appropriate support for that individual. Overall, 96% of guests moved on to a positive outcome – a 9% increase on the 2020/21 season.

The mental health of the Overnight Welcome Centre guests was a top priority for staff, who conducted welfare checks four times a day.

Although the service was at capacity on 24 nights, no one was refused accommodation. The Centre supported 401 unique guests, who stayed for 3,508 bed nights in total.

The Foundation’s donation of £21,234.76 allowed Glasgow City Mission to run the centre for 21 full days and our additional top-up donation of £2,584.73 from the Big Sleep Out in 2020 was used for general running costs.

During the three weeks which were fully funded by the Foundation, 100 unique individuals stayed at the Overnight Welcome Centre. These 100 guests accounted for 1,560 bed nights.

The average nightly occupancy of the Centre was 29, more than double the previous winter, but with couples and siblings sharing a room, the busiest night had 36 guests residing.

The average length of stay for guests also increased from last year, with the overall average being 8.8 nights.

Glasgow City Mission’s Jack Geddes commented: “We were delighted to be partnering with the Foundation for the Big Sleep Outs and were amazed by the total raised by the Rangers fans over the two nights in December.

“Thank you again for your incredible support, which has positively affected the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in Glasgow.”

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