Rangers Ambulance Gets to Work in Lesbos

Wed 28th October 2015

Rangers Charity Foundation Ambulance

The ambulance purchased by the Rangers Charity Foundation and Rangers FC has arrived on the Greek Island of Lesbos to offer refugees life-saving treatments following their dangerous sea crossing to safety.

Those who make the perilous trip to escape the war in Syria are often in need of medical attention when they arrive in Greece, suffering from ailments such as hypothermia, broken bones, miscarriage and other medical problems.

Anas Sarwar, who headed up the Glasgow Cares appeal to purchase two ambulances, delivered them in person to the island and saw first had the difference the resource will make to the people there.

“Having seen the terrible state of those coming off the boats, as well as hearing the stories from the aid agencies on the ground, I am clearer than ever that having medical transportation for the refugees is essential. It is going to be life-saving,” he explained, “The response to the arrival of the ambulances was fantastic.  People were truly overwhelmed.”

The ambulances were met with waves and cheers from refugees, locals and aid workers everywhere they went and are now operating under the control of the International Rescue Committee.

Rowan Cody, team co-ordinator for the IRC on Lesbos, commented, “One of the biggest issues on this island is the lack of medical transport.  

“People in need of urgent care or who require a higher level of support have to go to hospital. It means that people can be waiting a long time to reach the treatment that they need.

“We had a number of spontaneous miscarriages or threatened miscarriages. We have had cardiac arrests, aside from hypothermia and other issues.”

“This is an important service that will also be able to help the local population who do need it. The islanders have done an incredible job helping refugees for years without official organisation and fanfare.” 

With around 4000 people arriving on the island every day, medical resources are being pushed to the limit, making the new ambulances absolutely crucial.

Rangers Charity Foundation Manager Connal Cochrane commented, “We wish the International Rescue Committee staff well in their work to help the refugees and we are delighted that the ambulance will play such a significant role in helping so many.”

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