Rangers Fans Raise £61,000 From Big Ibrox Sleep Outs

Fri 23rd February 2018

Declan John today thanked fans who took part in the Rangers Charity Foundation’s Big Ibrox Sleep Out events late last year and announced that an incredible £61,000 was raised for the Foundation’s work in the community and its projects with Glasgow City Mission and Simon Community Scotland.

Over 200 supporters braved the cold and slept out overnight in the technical area at Ibrox in three events in November and December to raise funds and highlight the issue of homelessness.

The money raised is being split three ways between Glasgow City Mission’s Housing First initiative, Simon Community Scotland’s new Street Cycles project and the Foundation’s work in the community.

Street Cycles is an innovative outreach service staffed by volunteers on bicycles who can travel throughout the city. The project will reach out to the growing number of men and women sleeping rough out with the city centre, particularly in the south and west of Glasgow. Panniers fitted to the bikes will carry essential items such as sleeping bags, clothing and food.

Glasgow City Mission’s Housing First initiative is a new scheme which tackles the problem of homelessness head on. The charity has purchased 10 flats across the city for the initiative and they will be used to house some of the most vulnerable and hardest to reach people who have been caught up in the destructive cycle of homelessness. The Foundation’s donation is helping to decorate and furnish these flats.

Graham Steven, Partnerships and Communications Manager at Glasgow City Mission, commented: “Fans and all connected with Rangers Charity Foundation continue to excel in their fundraising efforts for people affected by homelessness. We have been delighted by their continued support.

“Funds from this year’s sleep out will furnish and decorate new homes purchased for some of city’s most vulnerable people who have battled chronic homelessness. Not only will the tenant move into the stability of their own property, it will become a comfortable home thanks to the Foundation’s kindness.

“We’d like to sincerely thank all who gave up a night to sleep outside in order that others battling homelessness won’t need to.”  

Simon Community Scotland’s Chief Executive Lorraine McGrath added: “We really can’t thank everyone enough who took part in the Big Ibrox Sleep Outs! We are absolutely delighted to receive funding from the Rangers Charity Foundation. This has supported the start-up of a new project called Street Cycles, where for the first time Simon Community volunteers, on bicycles, are reaching out to people who are sleeping rough in hard to reach places, ultimately helping us support more people this winter.” 

Rangers Charity Foundation Director Connal Cochrane commented: “Our supporters have really taken this cause to heart over the last few years and have raised an incredible £183,000 in total for homeless projects and the work of the Foundation by taking part in our Big Ibrox Sleep Out events.

“Homelessness can happen to anyone and our work with Simon Community Scotland and Glasgow City Mission over a number of seasons has been as much about raising awareness of the issues and encouraging the debate on the causes, effects and solutions to homelessness as it has been about raising money.

“We are very proud that the Foundation has been able to raise such a substantial amount of money for the welfare of some of Glasgow’s most vulnerable people and support important and innovative projects designed to combat homelessness in our city.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part in the Sleep Outs, 32 Red for sponsoring the events and Glasgow City Mission and Simon Community Scotland for all their support.”

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