Rangers Players Robbie Fraser And Robbie Ure Visit Joy of Moving

Thu 2nd March 2023

Robbie Ure and Robbie Fraser helped to inspire pupils from Mosspark Primary School towards a healthier future on a recent visit as part of the Rangers Charity Foundation’s ‘Joy of Moving’ project, in association with the SPFL Trust.

The Rangers duo took time out to play football with the pupils, answer questions about their young careers and talk about the importance of fitness and diet, not just for athletes but for everyone.

Robbie Fraser said: “It’s really important that the kids are taught about how to live healthy lives and hopefully we’ve helped encourage them more to eat healthily and stay active with a bit of fun thrown in as well.”

Teammate Robbie Ure went on to say: “I really enjoyed the visit. The kids were so energetic which was good to see and they were really full of life.

“We never had anything like this in school and I know that if a couple of Rangers players came down then I’d have been over the moon so hopefully us being here has made today memorable for the kids.”

The ‘Joy of Moving’ programme works with kids aged 9-10 years in schools across the city to encourage physical activity and promote a healthy diet. The children have been learning about nutrition and taking part in football sessions with Rangers Charity Foundation coaches for six weeks, so were able to impress the players with their knowledge and skills.

Mosspark Primary Teacher, Mrs Amner said: “The Joy of Moving programme has been super and the way it’s been delivered has given the children a new and different way to learn about staying healthy. The way the programme has been covered every week was excellent. I think the programme is really important and the pupils have engaged really well with the Foundation coaches.”

“I think the programme is hugely important and the pupils have engaged really well with the Foundation coaches.”

Rangers Charity Foundation Community Programmes Manager, Jordan Boyd, added: “It was great to have Robbie Fraser and Robbie Ure down at the school to see the Joy of Moving programme in action.

“As young players who have worked hard and made it to professional football, they’re great role models for the kids who can see how important taking care of themselves has been for their careers.”

“Joy of Moving is a six-week course we run through the school term and it focuses on educating the students and helping them to build their knowledge and form positive habits that will stand them in good stead for their entire lives. We want to help create healthier communities for the future, and we believe projects like this really work in achieving that.”

1,800 children in the Glasgow area take part in the programme each year, encouraging future generations to embrace a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you to the SPFL Trust and Ferrero for their support of Joy of Moving.

For more information about the Rangers Charity Foundation and its range of community and charitable work, visit:

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