Ready For Employment Course yields trio of job successes in record time

Mon 17th May 2021

A recent Ready For Employment course run by the Rangers Charity Foundation in partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions has helped three young participants secure work before the six week course even finished! 

All three participants had been struggling with unemployment due to the pandemic but are now back on track. They all credit the course, which is part of the Central Youth Base South, Ibrox Hub initiative, with giving them a confidence boost, a return to routine and valuable practical assistance with their job searches.

Maurice’s story

Maurice Shennan, 22, had been applying for jobs from home before he heard about the Ready for Employment course at the Job Centre. Maurice had lost his previous employment when his Grandad died and then COVID-19 made it even harder to get a new job.

Asked how the course had helped him, he said:

“It really helped me to be around different people in different surroundings rather than just stuck at home. The coaches treated me like an adult and I got help with my CV. I liked the fact that there was more leeway than the likes of school or college. You could ask questions and talk to people in a similar boat.”

Shortly after starting the course, Maurice applied for a full-time construction job with Engie Set Square Recruitment and within a week had been offered a job with an immediate start date.

“I am enjoying it a lot and found out it was only a short walk from where I live which is even better. I’m involved with coordination of the construction site, labouring, keeping the site clean and managing the COVID-19 protocols so the work is quite varied. I have also been happy to take overtime shifts and have been getting more responsibility.

“This has made a massive difference to my life. I am much better off financially but also it has been great to get back into a routine. It is tiring but I feel much happier now.”

Maurice had some advice for others in a similar position:

“I would say go on the Ready for Employment course, get your head down and just get to work. Apply for loads of jobs, work on your skills to match what employers are looking for and you will get somewhere.”

Nicholas’ story

Nicholas Millan was made redundant due to the impact of the pandemic and was struggling to find new work when he heard about the Ready For Employment course. 

He said the course helped him in many ways:

“Firstly, by getting me back into a routine of getting up early but also giving me the chance to get two qualifications in first aid and mental health which are excellent things to put on a CV and get out there.”

Asked about how the course had helped with confidence and motivation, Nicholas commented:

“The staff at the Foundation were really motivating and down to earth. They would help me at any point if I was struggling and spoke to me like an adult which boosted my confidence and knew I would finally get something out of the course. I can’t thank them enough for the effort they put into helping us to get jobs.”

Nicholas heard about an opportunity with Timpson’s through the course and didn’t need to be told twice. He expressed an interested in the role, was introduced to the company by the Foundation staff and Nicholas took it from there.

He is now enjoying working with Timpson’s full time, commenting:

“The guys I work with are great and the bonuses I get are good. There are so many benefits from working with the company and I can see myself there for the foreseeable future.

“Getting back into employment is a great feeling! Just to be out working and making money again and also learning a new skill is brilliant.

“My advice to someone would be to get into the Rangers Charity Foundation course as the members of staff are so supportive and motivating that you’d be daft not to stick to it. It may take a few weeks or so but if you need a job, they are the guys to help you on the road to employment.”

Mitchell’s story

Mitchell Rhoddan had been happily working in a skilled job for three years when he was made redundant due to COVID-19. He had been out of work and unemployed for a year before starting the course.

Mitchell heard about Ready For Employment through his Uncle Derek (a member of staff at the Foundation) who advised him to speak to his work coach to get enrolled. He thought it was a good idea to learn new things while being out of work and found that the course not only gave him new skills and qualifications, but got him out socialising and meeting new people.

“It also helped me to build my confidence back up after being stuck in my house most of the year,” he explained, “I really enjoyed interacting with others and learning at the same time. The course also got me back into a routine.

“It made me feel good about myself whilst giving me more confidence to go for job interviews, making me less nervous about things. I’d applied for many jobs but unfortunately was not successful. Derek helped me a lot, giving me confidence to get an interview and helping me prepare for it. He and Jamie were great.”

Mitchell is now working for Timpson’s and enjoying it:

“It’s going really well so far. I am still doing training but loving the job and the fact that I’m back employed, getting out the house and earning some money.

“Already the job has made such a difference to me. I feel much better in myself. I like being back in a routine again and I’m no longer stuck in a rut. Getting this job has been amazing for my mental health as well.”

Mitchell also had some great advice for other young unemployed people:

“Stick to the course, try your best and hopefully you will get a job!”


The next 6 week Ready for Employment course starts on 9 August 2021. If you are 18-24, live in the Glasgow area and need help with your job search, contact your work coach for more information. 

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