Recovery Café Volunteers Win Julie Wales Award

Tue 5th November 2019

The committee of volunteers who run the Foundation’s Recovery Café project have received the Julie Wales Special Recognition Award for their commitment to helping recovering addicts stay sober and clean and move forward positively with their lives.

The Recovery Café is a drop-in session based in the Ibrox Community Hub and grew from the Recovery with Rangers programme, giving those who have begun a new journey post addiction with the chance to continue to access peer support following completion of the course. 

Robert McGivern and John McMillian accepted the award at the Rangers Charity Foundation’s Circus Ball on behalf of the committee, who are all in recovery themselves and who give their time for free to support others going through the same experience.  Brandon Barker also visited a Recovery Cafe session to hand out idivdual awards to each member.  

The sessions provide a safe and friendly place to meet and feature activities such as table tennis, bingo, quizzes and X-box, as well as regular recovery meetings.  Sessions are free and attendees receive tea, coffee, rolls and biscuits and free Internet access. 

The committee is also able to refer attendees to other recovery initiatives around the city, providing further opportunities for support.

Foundation Director Connal Cochrane commented, “The Julie Wales Special Recognition Award was created in 2014 in memory of a very special volunteer, Julie, who died very suddenly. 

“The award is given to an individual, group or organisation who have gone above and beyond for the Foundation and the committee of the Recovery Café are very worthy recipients. 

“They are motivated to help others struggling with addiction and have the skills, empathy and knowledge to help, setting a fantastic example as a role model to others and showing what can be achieved with perseverance and effort. 

“They give their time to help others and to create a welcoming and supportive environment for those who want to turn their lives around, so well done to the committee for all their hard work.” 


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