Smart Move to Join FFIT Says Scott!

Tue 7th January 2020

If you are considering signing up for our Football Fans In Training courses beginning later in January and need an extra push to get started, former participant Scott Smart has some words of encouragement to inspire you!

Scott attended the course back in 2014, and has gone on to change his life as a result.  He now takes part regularly in 10K runs and has completed two half marathon.  He has also lost an amazing 22.8kg or 3 stone 8 pounds in total. He explained:

“The course had such an impact on my life that I just want to share that and hopefully inspire someone.” 

“I never considered myself overweight, just big boned, though when weighed on my first session I was 102.8kg!

“On completing the 12 week course my weight had dropped to 90.8kg – I was delighted!”

Scott was particularly impressed with the encouragement and motivation he received on the course, not just from the coaches, but also from fellow participants – comments the Foundation hears again and again from FFIT attendees.   

“The peer support and motivation from the coaches was key though the penny drop for me was that upping my activity levels made a huge difference.”

Scott took the expert advice he had received from the Rangers coaches and went on to turn his health around, increasing his exercise levels and going on to lose even more weight.

“5 years on I am now around 80kg and my life couldn’t be any different. I have continued to maintain my activity levels and recently completed my 8th 10k in 48:57 and my second Half Marathon in 01.54:50.”

“The programme was the catalyst for me improving my life and I’d like to wish each and every participant signing up now the best of luck – you will have the support you need to change your life for the better.”

Find out more about new courses starting soon here.

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