Stormzy inspires students from Foundation project

Fri 11th September 2020

Students in Glasgow enjoyed an exclusive screening of Stormzy’s new music video this week, including a special message from the British rapper, thanks to Rangers’ Marketing Department and Rangers Charity Foundation.

Teenagers at Knightswood Secondary, which is one of the Foundation’s ‘Hub in the Community’ schools, were able to watch the video for Stormzy’s latest release, ‘Superheroes’, before hearing from the man himself.

In the message, Stormzy said: “We’re all superheroes. As much as we come from where we come from, we might be disadvantaged, we might have so many obstacles in front of us, you are a superhero in your own right, and don’t ever forget that.

“Those little skills that we have, those big skills that we have, those talents, those things that often go ignored, that makes you a superhero…

“I wanted to make this video to basically inspire you guys, to let you know that the sky is the limit, to let you know that all those things inside of you make you incredible.”

The opportunity came about after Rangers’ Marketing Department was approached by Stormzy’s agent, who has engaged with a number of select schools around the UK for the launch of ‘Superheroes’. The Foundation was then able to liaise with its ‘Hub in the Community’ high schools.

The ‘Hub in the Community’ project was launched at Govan High School in 2018 and positions a full-time Hub Officer on site to deliver a wide variety of programmes and provide a constant, familiar point of contact for staff, pupils and their families.

There is a strategic focus to support in raising attainment, increase positive post-school destinations, enhance transition links from primary to secondary school and create a universal impact in all areas and year groups within the school, to help expand the young people’s full potential through education.

In August this year, the Foundation was delighted to expand the initiative to two further schools – Knightswood Secondary and Drumchapel High School. 

Commenting on the activity with Stormzy, Knightswood’s Deputy Head Teacher, Katy Anderson, said: “It was a great experience for each young person who watched the personalised video from one of the world’s biggest stars in music. 

“The video and song lyrics seemed to inspire each young person in that, if they work hard, they can go onto achieve their dreams. 

“It is important that each young person has a dream, and is given the key skills in school to achieve it, along with the help from Rangers Charity Foundation. 

“After the video we gave the young people a task to create their own superhero that could change one thing in the world just now, as well as a task on where they see themselves in 10 years’ time.”

To find out more about the Rangers Charity Foundation, visit

To watch Stormzy’s latest release, ‘Superheroes’, click HERE.

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