The Sky Is The Limit: Scottish Rocket Firm, Skyrora, Visit Schools Pupils at Ibrox

Mon 4th March 2024

The Foundation was delighted to welcome Scottish based rocket company Skyrora to Ibrox to present to its Wider Achievement participants.

The group learned about the Scottish space industry and what jobs are on offer in the sector before embarking on their own mini CO₂ rocket launches.

A screen detailing different jobs

Skyrora designs, manufactures, and deploys rockets to clear the way for small satellite manufacturers looking to access space. The company actively supports local businesses, schools, and the surrounding community in which it operates.

The Foundation’s Wider Achievement programme has helped young people across the city re-engage with their education to help them build a brighter future.

We work with a variety of schools to support pupils who may not be engaging optimally but could benefit from a different learning environment.

Skyrora Business Operations Manager, Derek Harris, said:

“At Skyrora, education is one of our main pillars and we don’t want to see anybody left behind, but we also want to help others that might need a little bit extra support so when I was asked to come to Ibrox to speak the Wider Achievement groups, it was a no brainer.”

“I think the important thing for us is to make young people aware of what jobs are available in the space industry so they understand not everyone needs to be a rocket scientist.”

“We need as many IT experts, administrators, and health and safety personnel as other sectors. These are all interchangeable skills sets that you might not need to go to university for so it’s important that we communicate that to pupils and let them know that there are opportunities out there that they might not know about.”

“The group all seemed to get on board with the workshop and were open to a little bit of fun which was great, so I was happy to see that. The questions they were asking were excellent as well and it’s clear to me that there are some very switched-on young people in the group too.”

Tyler from Hermitage Academy thoroughly enjoyed himself. He added:

“It was really fun and something quite different from what we usually do. I enjoyed the wee task of making the mini rocket and I think mine worked the best.”

“It was really interesting to hear about what Skyrora do and it’s definitely something that I’ll have a think about for jobs.”

Wider Achievement recognises the life and work skills that come from a wide range of activities which can include sport, mentoring, voluntary work or fundraising activities — whether they take place at school, college or elsewhere.

A mini rocketPupils come to Ibrox Stadium one day a week to gain qualifications, get exposure to industry partners and develop their skills.

Speaking after the session, Foundation Community Programmes Manager, Jamie Duncanson said:

“It’s great to have companies like Skyrora in to the stadium to visit our Wider Achievement groups. It’s really important that we let them know what’s out there for them and that there’s something for everyone.”

“A lot of the young people might not have been aware of the unique opportunities that are on offer so being able to deliver them a very interesting workshop today has hopefully broadened their horizons.”

For further information about our Wider Achievement programme please contact Jamie Duncanson, Community Programmes Manager, Rangers Charity Foundation on 0141 580 8740 or

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