Trauma Counselling Service Now Accessible For Those Affected By Sexual Abuse In Scottish Football

Fri 11th February 2022

Following The Report of the Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football, Rangers Charity Foundation has now appointed Jane McLean to deliver a Trauma Counselling service.

Financed by Rangers FC, Rangers Charity Foundation last year committed to providing a confidential counselling service for anyone who has suffered non-recent sexual abuse in Scottish Football.

Stewart Robertson, Rangers FC Managing Director commented:

“I am pleased that the Club is supporting this positive and proactive initiative alongside the Rangers Charity Foundation and I am delighted that Jane has joined the Foundation’s team to deliver this service.

We recognise our responsibilities in the area of child safety and wellbeing and take them extremely seriously.  The introduction of our trauma counsellor is tangible evidence of the commitment that we made last year to support individuals affected by the issues raised in the SFA’s report into non-recent sexual abuse in Scottish Football.”

Jane has over 16 years of experience of working within child and adult protection. She will provide one to one holistic counselling support to assist individuals affected by non-recent sexual abuse in Scottish Football as well as for candidates across a range of Foundation community programmes  who may have experienced trauma.

Jane said:

“I am proud to be part of the development of our new Counselling Service and I hope that those affected by non-recent sexual abuse in Scottish football will feel that they will have somewhere to access where they are able to work through their difficult experiences within a safe, confidential and secure space.

It is important to acknowledge the unimaginable trauma experienced and recognise the wider personal impact to individuals’ lives, as they struggle to deal with what happened to them within the football setting. I hope that we can help remove any barriers which may be present and provide an opportunity for individuals to be heard without fear, shame or judgement.”

Rangers Charity Foundation Director, Connal Cochrane, added:

“Jane has been a wonderful addition to the Foundation’s team and has already allowed us to assist dozens of candidates attending a range of our wider Foundation community programmes over the last few months.

We look forward now to expanding to being a more outward facing service, recognising the potential life changing benefits for those individuals who have been suffering pain and trauma as highlighted in the Scottish Football Association’s report published last year into non-recent sexual abuse in Scottish football.

We are very grateful for the support of the Club in enabling this valuable service to be established.”

The counselling service is delivered within Ibrox, however for people unable to attend for face-to-face support then this can also be provided via phone or video call.

If you have been affected by non-recent sexual abuse in Scottish Football and would like to request support from Jane then please email with your contact details and she will contact you within two working days. Any information received will be treated with the utmost confidentially.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the potential support that we could provide then please call Jane on 0141 580 8493 for further details.

More information available on


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