Steven Gerrard Joins Team Talk Session

Wed 5th May 2021

Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard took time out recently to talk on-line with participants from the Foundation’s mental wellbeing programme for men, Team Talk.

He listened to the group talk about their own struggles, chatted about football and opened up about his own mental wellbeing.

The Manager admitted that his mental health was a ‘work in progress’ and that he has had to develop the ability to bounce back after setbacks in his career and personal life.

“Being a player it’s not always fantastic or enjoyable,” said Gerrard. “The journey takes you to some really high places in terms of winning stuff but it also takes you to some cruel lows.

“What I will say is I’m quite mentally strong in terms of bouncing back.

“I’ve accepted that being a player or manager is a journey of highs and lows.”

“You have to deal with the bad days as well as the good and have that bouncebackability to use setbacks in your life to make you stronger.

“But there’s no doubt about it, I’ve had some low days during my career. From a personal point of view, I’ve also had setbacks in life to do with family members and stuff. The key to it all is never keep it in.

“Always try to have people around you who you can talk to and share problems with. I think that always helps you get back in a better place. That’s what I’ve learned from experience.”

Speaking about the project, he added, ““I took part in a really positive session and it is abundantly clear to me how much of a support network Team Talk provides to our fans.”

The Team Talk programme aims to support men’s mental wellbeing and runs every Wednesday night (at Ibrox or on-line). The sessions aim to build resilience, improve social circles, increase physical activity and help adult men to feel more supported.

Team Talk provides men who experience mild mental health challenges with a secure and friendly space to socialise and talk openly about their thoughts and feelings. Those facing more severe problems are then able to find advice about where best to seek help. The sessions have a positive and relaxed atmosphere, where people can meet others who may be experiencing similar mental health issues. If you are interested in taking part, please register your interest by emailing

The programme has been made possible thanks to support from Rangers shirt sponsor, 32Red.


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